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    Rainwater harvesting, back-up water, wastewater recycling and corrosion resistant liquid storage solutions for sustainable and responsible water consumption.

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    SBS Tanks USA offers a wide range of water security solutions to meet the diverse and exacting needs of the mining, municipal, fire protection, commercial and agricultural sectors. We focus on working to develop comprehensive solutions that address the need for water conservation, off-grid, backup and fire water storage.

    Access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right and a business necessity. The impact of climate change, population growth, the rising costs of water, water scarcity and rapid urban expansion have resulted in an increased demand for alternative water solutions. Sustainable and responsible water consumption, rainwater harvesting, and the recycling of water need to become global business and community priorities.

    SBS Tanks USA offers a comprehensive range of water storage tanks proven to be effective and reliable for use in the Mining, Fire Protection, Municipal, Commercial, Agricultural and Ranch and Rainwater harvesting sectors.

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    SBS Tanks USA proudly showcases its extensive presence across the nation, symbolized by completed tank projects standing as beacons of durability & safety. With a proven track record of reliability, innovation, and excellence, we stand as the trusted leader in liquid storage solutions. Explore our range and request a quote today!

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    We understand our clients varied needs and that each project is unique with specific requirements, and are always ready to develop a custom-designed solution. On every project, in every application, we deliver solutions that Build for Better, doing good while doing good business.

    Nestled in the serene landscapes of Milano, Texas, SBS Tanks USA joined hands with the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) to promote and enhance the levels of education and understanding of rainwater harvesting within the community. The donated tank stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement in fostering sustainable water management practices. Ranches, households, and businesses increasingly adopt water storage tanks for rainwater harvesting due to several reasons. Firstly, it facilitates water conservation by collecting and storing water during rainy periods, reducing reliance on traditional sources. Secondly, it leads to significant cost savings by utilizing harvested rainwater for various needs, reducing dependence on expensive supplies. Additionally, rainwater harvesting promotes sustainable water management, contributing to environmental sustainability and enhancing drought resilience. Moreover, harvested rainwater serves outdoor purposes such as irrigation, reducing demand for treated water and fostering healthier plant growth. Lastly, stored rainwater serves as an emergency supply during natural disasters, ensuring continuity of essential services or household functions. A Noble Cause: Promoting Rainwater Harvesting Driven by a shared commitment to environmental conservation, SBS Tanks USA stepped forward to donate a specially designed tank, one of our Lite Range LT05/02 (4 898 gallons), and the installation labor to POSGCD. The district, situated in a rural area abundant with farms and ranches, sought to educate the local community about the importance of rainwater harvesting. With a vision to promote water conservation and reduce reliance on groundwater, POSGCD embarked on a journey to establish a free-standing rainwater system as a teaching device for hands-on learning and application. Innovative Teaching Tools The rainwater harvesting system served not only as a functional water storage solution but also as an invaluable teaching tool. Designed to facilitate hands-on learning, the tank featured both dry and wet systems, providing participants with practical insights into rainwater collection and utilization. Quarterly classes offered attendees the opportunity to earn certification in rainwater harvesting, empowering them to implement sustainable practices on their own properties. Moreover, participants were incentivized with rebates from local authorities upon installing similar systems, further encouraging widespread adoption of rainwater harvesting practices. Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Success Amidst the Texas summer thunderstorms, the construction process faced unexpected hurdles, with two thunderstorms, ironically, inundating the site with rainfall. Despite these challenges, the project persevered, completing set-up in just 1.5 days. Quality assurance and compliance remained paramount throughout, ensuring that the tank met regulatory standards and environmental considerations. The SBS Ranch & Rainwater (RT) Series tank is an agricultural/domestic use grade liquid storage solution designed to provide a long life with little to no maintenance required by the owner. The RT series is the perfect choice for ranches, farms, rural acreage homes and other applications where a full commercial grade tank is not required. Read more about the RT range and key benefits here. The collaboration between SBS Tanks USA and the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District in promoting rainwater harvesting serves as a beacon of community engagement and sustainable water management. The donated tank not only provides a functional solution but also serves as an innovative teaching tool to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to implement rainwater harvesting practices. As individuals, ranches, households, and businesses increasingly recognize the benefits of rainwater harvesting, investing in a water storage tank from SBS Tanks USA becomes not just a choice but a commitment to environmental conservation and water sustainability. With each certification earned and each raindrop collected, the project propelled the mission of SBS Tanks USA forward, reaffirming its commitment to providing innovative and sustainable water storage solutions. SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Tanks USA, our branch in the United States, services the USA and Central America market directly from Monroe, Texas. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks USA, can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various commercial needs. Contact Brian or Allan today and simply Request a quote here. [...] Read more...
    A Clean Slate: Revolutionizing Municipal Waste Management with SBS Tanks In the heart of Melissa, Texas, amidst the expansive landscapes, lies a testament to innovation and engineering excellence: the leachate storage project undertaken by North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Tasked with the challenge of managing one of the Lone Star State’s largest water districts, NTMWD, together with its general contractor, BELT construction, sought a solution to the formidable task of containing and treating leachate, the byproduct of landfill sites and often described as the “worst of the worst”. Enter SBS Tanks USA, renowned for its expertise in providing cutting-edge water storage solutions focusing on durability, reliability, and performance. Pioneering a Customized Solution The project’s magnitude was matched only by its complexity. Municipalities across the globe grapple with the formidable task of managing leachate, the liquid residue generated from landfills and dumpsites. Laden with an array of contaminants, leachate poses significant environmental risks if left unaddressed. Without proper containment and management, leachate can seep into the soil and groundwater, polluting ecosystems and jeopardizing public health. To mitigate these risks NTMWD needed a robust storage system capable of withstanding the corrosive nature of leachate while adhering to stringent regulatory standards. Collaborating closely with SBS Tanks USA, engineers embarked on a journey to craft a bespoke solution tailored to NTMWD’s unique requirements. As an alternative to open leachate ponds, the ST21/03 tank served as local storage for up to 511 000 gallons of liquid, before the state-of-the-art pump systems propelled the leachate to treatment plants miles away. With multiple inlets delivering the repulsive liquid into the storage system, four outlets were added directing the fluid to its final destination, either to the pump station or to overhead filling systems for trucks in case of emergencies. Engineering Excellence in Action At the heart of the project lay a dual liner system coupled with a floating roof—a first-of-its-kind innovation in leachate storage. The XR5 liner material, renowned for its chemical resistance and durability, formed the backbone of the system, ensuring the integrity of the storage facility even in the face of harsh environmental conditions. Usually an HDPE lining – a highly chemical resistant plastic, welded together – would be used, but due to the leachate composition and the need for flexibility, the UV impervious and top-notch chemical resistance of the pliable XR5 liner was deemed superior by the three engineering teams on the project. Finally, the floating roof, designed with precision and ingenuity, served as a failsafe barrier against external contaminants, effectively sealing off the tank and safeguarding the surrounding environment. Resourceful Opportunities and Innovation The construction process was nothing short of extraordinary, with SBS Tanks’ engineers from South Africa spending weeks on-site to oversee the meticulous installation. Challenges arose, as they often do in groundbreaking endeavors, but SBS Tanks USA rose to the occasion, leveraging their expertise to devise innovative solutions on the ground with the project’s resourceful teams. The result was a seamless integration of technology and craftsmanship, culminating in a storage facility designed to withstand the rigors of landfill environments, integrating into a larger NTMWD leachate treatment system, that not only met but exceeded expectations. In conclusion, the Melissa leachate storage project stands as a testament to the power of partnership and innovation in addressing the most pressing challenges of our time in environmental stewardship and leaving behind a legacy of innovation and collaboration. By providing a reliable, sustainable solution to NTMWD, SBS Tanks USA reaffirmed its commitment to excellence and its mission to pave the way for a more sustainable future. SBS Tanks USA focuses on superior quality, competitive pricing and delivery, which, through collaboration, provides municipalities with a wealth of expertise and support throughout the project lifecycle, from design and construction to maintenance and monitoring. Our comprehensive solutions empower authorities to meet regulatory compliance, prioritize environmental protection, and achieve their long-term sustainability goals. Together, we pave the way for a cleaner, healthier future for communities and ecosystems alike. SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Tanks USA, our branch in the United States, services the USA and Central America market directly from Monroe, Texas. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks USA, can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various commercial needs. Contact Brian or Allan today and simply Request a quote here. [...] Read more...
    In the bustling region of Plant City, Florida, where the sun beats down on endless rows of warehouses and distribution centers, one name stands out: Lowes. Known for its vast array of home improvement products and supplies, Lowes’ distribution center serves as a lifeline for countless homeowners and contractors across the state. But behind the scenes, ensuring the safety and security of Lowes’ extensive stock and valuable assets is no small feat, especially in the face of potential fire emergencies. Warehouses serve as crucial hubs for storing and distributing goods, making them essential components of supply chains worldwide. However, the sheer volume of goods housed within these facilities, coupled with the presence of flammable materials and machinery, poses a significant fire risk. In the event of a fire, the consequences can be catastrophic, leading to property damage, loss of inventory, and even endangering lives. For Lowes, maintaining compliance with stringent safety regulations while safeguarding their personnel and merchandise was paramount. With the shift towards a distribution model, a robust fire protection solution that could provide peace of mind and operational continuity became an urgent priority. Water-based fire protection systems, including sprinkler and hydrant systems, play a critical role in mitigating the risk of fire in warehouses and industrial facilities. Central to these systems are water storage tanks, which provide the necessary supply of water to suppress fires effectively. Renowned for our expertise in delivering reliable and compliant water storage solutions, SBS Tanks USA, through our local dealer in Florida, met with Lowes management and consultants to engineer a tailored solution for the plant city installation. We were able to provide a comprehensive submittal package, showcasing data-driven specification sheets for our liner, galvalume steel panels and in-depth knowledge on our wind-load capabilities, to the satisfaction of the project team. With the input of our USA team, Lowes completed the ring beams and civils work for the foundations, allowing our installation team to install our cyclonic CY26/06 tank. View our Cyclonic range here. Plumbing connections were completed, connecting the tank to the municipal supply, and 1 552 000 gallons of water started to fill the tank, ready for any emergency. From inception to completion, the build process was a testament to our commitment to quality and precision. Every aspect, from site preparation to final installation, was meticulously executed to ensure compliance with NFPA 22 guidelines and local building codes, a SBS standard in our Fire Protection range. Our experienced team worked tirelessly to integrate the tank seamlessly into Lowes’ existing fire safety systems, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. The partnership between SBS Tanks USA and our Florida dealer (A proud member of our Dealer Network Family) has been instrumental in meeting the needs of Lowes for robust fire protection solutions. With our expertise in delivering reliable water storage solutions and our distributor’s local presence and technical proficiency, we were able to engineer a tailored solution and equip our dealer for the job at hand. For Lowes’ distribution center, we delivered a solution that surpassed expectations: the largest CY tank built in the USA. With a capacity to hold millions of gallons of water, our tank stands as a beacon of safety and security, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Why Partner with SBS Tanks USA: At SBS Tanks USA, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses like Lowes. Our comprehensive range of water storage solutions, coupled with our unwavering commitment to superior quality and compliance, makes us the partner of choice for businesses seeking reliable fire protection solutions. From concept to completion, our technical team works closely with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations. With our innovative solutions and proven track record, businesses can trust SBS Tanks USA to protect what matters most. SBS Tanks® is Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular steel panel water storage tanks fitted with an internal liquid storage liner. SBS Tanks USA, our branch in the United States, services the USA and Central America market directly from Monroe, Texas. With ISO accreditation (ISO 45001 and ISO 9001) collaborating with a trusted supplier like SBS Tanks USA, can offer professional advice and a variety of premium tank alternatives to satisfy your various commercial needs. Contact Brian or Allan today and simply Request a quote here. [...] Read more...

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