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  • Water Tank Applications

    Every day SBS Tanks USA safely store millions of gallons of water and other liquids forming an integral part of hundreds of critical use installations in the fire, mining, public utility, commercial, rainwater harvesting and farming/ranch industries in over 27 countries worldwide. ​

    Our unique understanding of the storage tank industry and our willingness to explore new technology to extend the uses of our uniquely adaptable tanks make us a leader in the field that we as a company are passionate about.

    Our Water Tank Products

    Water is needed for every process in business. Access to clean water and sanitation for all has become a global priority. Climate change, water scarcity, population growth, the rising costs of water and rapid urban expansion have resulted in increased demand for alternative water supply solutions. Sustainable and responsible water consumption, rainwater harvesting, and the recycling of water need to become global business and community priorities.

    Case Studies

    Empowering Environmental Education: SBS Tanks’ Contribution to Rainwater Harvesting

    Nestled in the serene landscapes of Milano, Texas, SBS Tanks USA joined hands with the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District (POSGCD) to promote and enhance the levels of education and understanding of rainwater harvesting within the community. The donated tank stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement in fostering sustainable water management practices.

    Case Studies

    A Clean Slate: Revolutionizing Municipal Waste Management with SBS Tanks

    A Clean Slate: Revolutionizing Municipal Waste Management with SBS Tanks

    In the heart of Melissa, Texas, amidst the expansive landscapes, lies a testament to innovation and engineering excellence: the leachate storage project undertaken by North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Tasked with the challenge of managing one of the Lone Star State's largest water districts, NTMWD, together with its general contractor, BELT construction, sought a solution to the formidable task of containing and treating leachate, the byproduct of landfill sites and often described as the "worst of the worst”. Enter SBS Tanks USA, renowned for its expertise in providing cutting-edge water storage solutions focusing on durability, reliability, and performance.

    Case Studies

    Sparking Change: Lowes’ Journey to Fire Safety Excellence

    In the bustling region of Plant City, Florida, where the sun beats down on endless rows of warehouses and distribution centers, one name stands out: Lowes. Known for its vast array of home improvement products and supplies, Lowes' distribution center serves as a lifeline for countless homeowners and contractors across the state. But behind the scenes, ensuring the safety and security of Lowes' extensive stock and valuable assets is no small feat, especially in the face of potential fire emergencies.

    FAQs and Technical Documents

    • What can be stored in SBS® tanks and liners?

      SBS tanks are suited for use in the commercial, municipal, domestic, water conservation and rainwater harvesting, fire and beverage sectors.

      Our industrial liners carry an international certification for drinking or potable water and have been used successfully to store saltwater, numerous chemicals, and effluent water.

    • What if my site and needs are unique – can you help me?

      SBS has a fully-fledged in-house engineering team and works with specialist independent engineers too. We can design a solution to fit a limited footprint as our tanks comprise modular panels and can be built to use vertical space. We run our projects from start to finish including design and installation and can access remote sites, even those without road access.

    • What is the material guarantee?

      We offer a 12-month workmanship and material guarantee and a 10-year non-leak warranty on the liner.

    • What are the installation lead times on an SBS tank?

      This varies based on the size of the tank and the client specific needs and site location but is always quicker than a concrete reservoir. Smaller tanks can be installed in one day and the megalitre tanks can take in the region of 18 days on site for installation. Site preparation needs to be completed prior to installation. Commissioning can take place as soon as the installation has been completed.

    • Are SBS tanks only available in steel silver?

      No, we have a wide range of color options for our tanks, applied via a powder coating technique, and making the tanks suitable for any application. Whether you need the tank to stand out, be branded, or recede into the background, we can assist.

    About SBS

    Water Tanks

    Water and liquid storage tanks from SBS Tanks are suited for use in the fire, mining, public utility, commercial, rainwater harvesting and farming/ranch industries. They can be used for storage of potable water, raw- or sea-water, process and recycled water, waste and effluent liquids, as well as a number of industrial chemicals. SBS Tanks water storage tanks are compliant with the highest internationally recognised quality standards - ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.