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    Thousands of SBS Tanks have been designed, approved and installed worldwide as one of the most critical components of Fire & Life Safety Systems since 1998. These long-standing examples of our extensive industry experience and list of satisfied customers speak for themselves. SBS Tanks have been chosen to protect warehouses, distribution centers, hospitals, schools, factories, shopping centers and many other businesses both large and small. Whether your fire protection system requires a small 5,000-gallon draft tank or a 1-million-gallon storage tank to supply your fire sprinkler system, SBS Tanks has a reliable and affordable solution to fit your needs.


    Key features of SBS Tanks for Fire Protection use:

    • Fire Industry Code Compliance: Local building codes require that tanks used for fire suppression systems are designed and installed to be in compliance with the NFPA 22 Standard. Fire Protection Engineers (FPE’s) and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) across the US have approved SBS Tanks on every fire water tank installed to date.
    • Rapid, HSE Friendly Installation: Most SBS Tank models used in fire protection system applications can be installed in 2-10 days. Tanks larger than 500,000 gallons typically take up to 20 days. The entire installation process has been, and continues to be, refined to meet US and International Health & Safety regulations.
    • Long Life Span With Minimal Maintenance: SBS Tanks have a 60-Year+ life expectancy and carry a 20-Year No Leak Warranty. The unique internal liner, which eliminated contact between stored water for fire protection and the tank’s Galvalume outer shell is the key to a long life in harsh industrial conditions. This same liner also greatly reduces the life-cycle maintenance of SBS Tanks when compared to traditional bolted and welded steel tanks.

    Notable Fire Installations

    Case Studies

    Sparking Change: Lowes’ Journey to Fire Safety Excellence

    In the bustling region of Plant City, Florida, where the sun beats down on endless rows of warehouses and distribution centers, one name stands out: Lowes. Known for its vast array of home improvement products and supplies, Lowes' distribution center serves as a lifeline for countless homeowners and contractors across the state. But behind the scenes, ensuring the safety and security of Lowes' extensive stock and valuable assets is no small feat, especially in the face of potential fire emergencies.

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